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Geoffrey Clarfield

About Geoffrey

Anthropologist, musician, musicologist, writer.

Geoffrey Clarfield is a musician and anthropologist who spent 17 years traveling, living and working in East Africa. In 1985 he went to Kenya to conduct research among the nomadic tribes of northern Kenya’s Sudanese, Ethiopian and Somali borderlands. After five years of research and rural development work in the north, he was invited to join the National Museums of Kenya as Director of Ethnography and Special Projects Advisor to the Museum Director. This included joint projects with American NGOs such as the National Outdoor Leadership School and universities such as Simon Fraser in Canada and St. Lawrence College in the United States. After the Museum, he worked for the Rockefeller Foundation in Nairobi and then spent many years living and working in Tanzania on projects that dealt with biodiversity, conservation, rural development, sustainable tourism, education and capacity building. Geoffrey was the Executive Producer and narrator for the documentary film about central Tanzania, “Facing Mount Hanang” and recorded with the late Tanzanian singer-songwriter Ndala Kasheba whose CD, “Yellow Card” was favorably reviewed in the Village and Voice and the New York Times. He has written and published numerous articles about Africa for a variety of newspapers and magazines and continues to read about all aspects of the African past, present and future.

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